Monday, May 26, 2014

Let's go on a mind trip...

That's how I feel about every day with this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong- I can not express how happy and how lucky I feel that I am pregnant. I can't not wait to meet this sweet little one. It's just a complete mind trip from someone who use to be overweight, then wasn't so much, and now you are suppose to gain weight and suppose to get bigger.

Has anyone else felt this way? My husband laughs at me daily when I get frustrated when something doesn't fit anymore. He lovingly reminds me that things aren't suppose to fit but somehow my mind won't wrap around that concept. It also doesn't help when I feel like I can eat more and more these days which then what it adds up to (in my mind) is not fitting in my clothes... not this growing baby.

And the scale... the dreaded scale. I've been really good about not getting on it at home but the OB appointments are the worse. It gives me a post-traumatic memory of my Weight Watchers days when you know you gained weight and then step on the scale to realize the horror of how much you gained. My doctor is a wonderful wonderful lady who keeps reminding me that I'm exactly where I should be. I just don't mentally get it. Maybe I never will?

Other than this frequent mind trap I'm in about weight, pregnancy is going wonderfully. Baby is growing and is healthy. I have no real pregnancy complaints other than normal aches and pains on some days. The biggest issue I deal with daily (other than my "fat mind trip") is my anxiety. I'm a pre-pregnancy anxiety medication taker so being off everything cold turkey sometimes is more hard than others can imagine. It has definitely made me regress to using my anxiety coping techniques but sometimes a good cry is the only thing that works. There is so much to worry about as a First Time mom. I can't imagine not having the support that I do from my husband, family, and friends. It's good to know that they are always these to listen to my ramblings :)

I thought I would end things with an updated bump picture. The first in the trio is me about 7 weeks along. Then 17 weeks. And last week... week 24 :)

Until next time!! Happy Memorial Day!!

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  1. congrats. Just remember you are growing a person and you can loose the weight after baby and breast feeding are over but don't stress about it just focus on the beautiful baby you are growing.